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Here is what some of our clients have to say:

Dana Sleigh‎ says:

I have known Jesse for many years and I wouldn't consider using any other realtor. Jesse is extremely knowledgeable and honest, and consequently consider him much more than just a professional acquaintance.

Deana Steele‎ says:

I've have known Jesse professionally for many, many years now. And professional is what you get! Solid guy that I would put my reputation on the line for!

Kirk & Shandley Hutchinson say:

Knowledgeable, great listener and down-to-earth approach with clients. When my husband and I first started looking for a home we weren't interested in using a realtor as we hate the feeling of being pressured and the general "sales" mentality that most estate agents have. It was only by chance (when viewing a property) that we stumbled upon Jesse East and he made an immediate impression with his personable manner and excellent knowledge of the market. Throughout the entire process of buying a home Jesse made sure that the properties we looked at suited our lifestyle and budget, he was an excellent listener, made sure that we understood all of our options and was always there to answer questions (we never had to wait long for a call back). I would (and constantly do) recommend Jesse East to all of our friends and family - we will definitely go with him again in the future.

Shane Lapp says:

Jesse is a passionate realtor. He is very personal and cares about his client’s needs. He is highly recommended and definitely one of Kelowna's top realtors!

Russ Tressor says:

Jesse is the next generation of realtors. He gets it! He really understands what it takes to market properties and get maximum exposure. Go to Jesse's website and you will notice he uses HD Video Tours and professional images for all his listings. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, I promise you that Jesse will deliver. Also, he genuinely is a fantastic person. Give him a call.

Candice Thompson‎ says:

Jesse is the type of person who takes the time to really listen and go the extra mile to help you reach your goals. He has the guidance and assistance of someone who knows the market and provides absolute attentive and trustworthy service. I never hesitate to refer my friends and family to Jesse for their real estate needs!

Quentin Little‎ say:

Jesse is a hard worker and constantly striving to be at the forefront of the Real Estate Market. He is available to explain things that I may not understand about the processes. And he's been very patient with my ever-changing mind on what kind of investment I want to make. I've recommended him to friends in the past and will continue doing so in the future.

Igal Rogalsky‎ says:

At the expense of sounding a bit cheesy, I really think Jesse is the guy to work with. I went through many realtors when I was looking for a place, but this guy managed to get me as a client (despite my own personal commitment not to have one). The reason this happened was clear to me shortly after I finalized the purchase. He never felt like a typical realtor. Being authentic is not a common trait in this profession... Jesse never pressured me into anything or made me feel like I am yet another prospect who MUST bite now. If nothing else, I would at least sit down with him to chat about your situation or concerns. Keep it up Jesse!

Denise & Wade McManus say:

Thank you again for all of your hard work. You have been great.

Bob & Kerry Nelson say:

I shared this with Jesse this well as our very sincere thanks to both of you. Your professionalism, personal touch and energy and commitment were fantastic. There is NO question who we will turn to when we are ready, and also readily recommend to others were both great!!
Take care...our paths will cross again.

Shelley Ollinger says:

"I met Jesse in 2009 after visiting Kelowna for the weekend to start the process of finding a new home. Another realtor from a different agency had not arrived for a pre-booked appointment. I had travelled a long way and had little time to begin making an important life decision. I left the other agency and walked into the RE/MAX Kelowna branch to find Jesse as the realtor on duty. Instantly I knew that he was a good choice.

Without any notice or chance to prepare, Jesse took immediate action and set up several showings for the weekend. He knew the right questions to ask, listened carefully and didn't waste time showing me properties that were not suitable or out of my price range. I went back home knowing that I had a reliable ally to help me find a perfect home. Unfortunately, I was not yet ready to buy as I had another property to sell.

Months later I returned and the search was on. After viewing several more properties, I still hadn’t found the right place so Jesse arranged one more viewing. It was then that I saw the townhouse by the lake that was soon to be mine. During the offer process Jesse was helpful, patient and never condescending. Regardless of my noticeable excitement about finding a great property, he never pressured me into making a quick offer and was respectful about my financial concerns. He provided me with mortgage specialists and other professionals to ensure I had the financing in place at the best possible rate. I made counter offers from my car in rest stops on my way to a conference and although it was a stressful situation, Jesse helped make my dream of owning a home near Lake Okanagan become a reality.

Since then, Jesse has turned out to be a great resource to refer contacts for my business and when hiring home experts in my new city. I would recommend Jesse without hesitation to anyone who wants to find a trustworthy, reliable and knowledgeable realtor.